HOW TO care about cannabis products

How to care for cannabis products. Hemp products are not only durable, but very beautiful and comfortable, and therefore it is important that they serve you for a long time.

Hemp fabrics are the strongest among the natural ones, but for the preservation of high consumer properties, they still require compliance with certain modes of washing, drying, ironing and storage.
How to wash products from hemp
Products from hemp fabrics should be washed at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees.

How to dry cannabis and hemp products
Perfect for outdoor drying. After such drying, the hemp products do not have wrinkles and smell of freshness.
When using a dryer, quite satisfactory results can be found, in which hemp products are almost not wrinkled and pleasant to the touch, but for this purpose it is necessary to use the correct mode. Do not dry cannabis products! Many dryers have an air cycle that simply ventilates the contents without any heating. It is ideal for drying clothes and hemp products. After drying, be sure to smooth out the edges of the tablecloths and napkins, the edge on the edges of the sheet, seams of trousers and dresses, simply pressing the fingers on these details. Then gently fold all the products.

Hemp textile

How to iron cannabis products
Contrary to the common misconception, hemp needs to be ironed after each wash. Noble halls should be located where they leave your body, not a drying machine. Steam ironing will make ironing easier.
Exclude the use of starch, which tends to stick to the surface of the iron, and may spoil the appearance of your product.
If you cross and dry hemp products correctly, then wrinkles for the most part will be eliminated. But a good fabric with the use of natural fibers will still have some wrinkles, especially if the product is new. Over time, the products will become softer, and you will see that they are less cumbersome.
It is recommended to begin to iron the hemp products while they are still slightly damp. If there is an embroidery on a hemp product, then it is better to iron it with an honest hand, it will help to prevent the damage of embroidery.

Storage of hemp products
Clean and refined hemp products should be kept flat, neatly placed on the shelf of the cabinet.
With proper care they will serve you for a long time, protecting your health and decorating in everyday life!


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