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The dangers of cannabis for the body and mind.

Some people think that smoking weed is very dangerous, others think it is harmless. How dangerous is hemp? It depends on the quantity and frequency: those who smoke weed infrequently and a little are at less risk than…

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The top three benefits of cannabis for epilepsy.

Epilepsy refers to a group of disorders characterized by recurrent seizures that may or may not be seizure. Cannabis and cannabis therapies have been shown to have beneficial effects on various types of epilepsy through a variety of…

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10 of the most common uses for cannabis.

In a world where we are used to disposable synthetic products and environmentally harmful processes, can hemp be the secret weapon in the fight against the plastic age? This plant, as a practical and renewable resource, has many…

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Hemp in everyday life

Cannabis in everyday life. In the 19th century, hemp played a very important role in the production of healthy tissues, paper, medicine, paints, varnishes, ship ropes, canvas and staple foods in Europe, and rightly so. It was only…

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Is the legalization of cannabis coming?

Is cannabis legalization approaching? Canada, Uruguay and several US states have already legalized marijuana. In this article, we will take a look at the cannabis ban in Germany for example. Germany is still struggling with this. But the…

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Recreational Marijuana Use in North America.

USA cannabis map

Legal states of marijuana. State Marijuana Laws The United States quickly became an attractive global marijuana hot spot. Medical marijuana is currently legal in 29 states, and recreational use in 9 states, as well as Washington. Marijuana laws…

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10 diseases that can be treated with marijuana

Marijuana can treat a number of serious diseases, so in some countries it is a legal product and can be purchased at a pharmacy. An epileptic seizure is a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain. Epilepsy…

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Interview with the inventor of the world’s first hemp beer

If you follow the news in the field of hemp business and the progress of reform, then you probably know that over the past couple of years, many large companies producing beer and other alcoholic beverages have moved…

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USA: New Jersey can completely legalize hemp before the end of the month

On Tuesday, the governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, announced to the press that he was able to reach agreement with the legislature on a project of full recreational legalization, the consideration of which is scheduled for March…

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Cannabis for the treatment of epilepsy and other diseases

So many drugs are developed, not because they have a great medical need, but because they can make a lot of money. In many cases, there are methods and drugs of holistic medicine that can replace synthetic pharmaceuticals in any quantity.

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